Hope - January 2018


The word ‘hope’ in ordinary English vocabulary is generally distinguished from certainty. We would say "I don't know what's going to happen, but I hope it happens."

I had a confrontation with a work colleague about their pay and various other things. The part about the discussion I remember distinctly was their closing sentence of “I live in hope.”

It almost makes me saddened when I think of it in this context because so many people who have very little faith if none at all, are left with this empty anxious feeling to whether something will happen or it won’t.

However as a Christian, ‘hope’ is not wishful thinking. Christian ‘hope’ is when God has promised that something is going to happen and you put your trust in that promise. Christian ‘hope’ is a confidence that something will come to pass because God has promised it will come to pass.

I’m sure we all use ‘hope’ in the wrong context at times, so let's remember to look away from the circumstances that confront us, look to Christ, look to the promises, and hold fast to them.

‘Dear heavenly father, I pray that you forever keep me strong with the confidence of ‘hope’ that is promised by you. Amen’

James Kirk



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