Fear - December 2017


Everyone experiences fear in their life. There are big fears like ‘death’ or the thought of losing a loved one - to little ones such as phobias and even superstitions. Unfortunately fear tends to be something that becomes ingrained in us at an early age and is difficult to shake off.

It’s so important to understand what fear is and how it works against us because if we don't, it can keep us from becoming what God created us to be, which means we won't fulfil our purpose in life.

Fear is the opposite of faith. God wants us to walk by faith, and Satan wants us to walk in fear.

I had to give a farewell speech to someone in my office who I have known for a long time. This is something I am very uncomfortable with. In my life before becoming a Christian, I would of done whatever I could to avoid the situation, however, now I have Jesus by my side, I no longer need to fear this. Don’t get me wrong I was still very nervous and Satan spent most of the day convincing me I would mess it up, but I got through it and was given numerous compliments from my fellow team members. In the end I felt great and I was so thankful to God.

The moral of this, is no matter how big, small or insignificant your fears may be, always remember God will guide you through it.

‘Dear Father God, help us to live always by faith and not let fear rule our life, so we can live a fulfilling, satisfying, peaceful and joyful life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen’

James Kirk



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