It is becoming a very common theme that so many people in the world are anxiously searching for something. They seem to have a missing piece in their lives but can’t seem to figure out what it is.

As followers of Jesus, we understand that we were created with eternal souls. This is the very core of us and the part that was designed for us to live forever.

However, this is something that cannot be seen or studied, so science denies its existence, but that doesn't keep it from crying out to be filled. So many people try to fill it with excitement, pleasure, knowledge, religion, or try to ignore its calling by escaping into a routine or a TV program. But none of these will satisfy.

I have a close friend who is suffering from this right now. He is such a loving, caring person, but he can’t seem to ground himself because of this empty feeling. He jumps from one scenario to the next, from traveling, changing jobs, or covering himself in tattoos. He lives an adventurous life, earns plenty of money, and, on the surface, it looks like he’s living life to the full. But, when you scratch the surface, I can see that he is crying out to be complete.

I personally understand this feeling too because I have sat on both sides of the fence, but until you start to listen to Jesus knocking on your door and embrace the fact that He is the missing piece in your life, this empty feeling will not go away.

Similarly, those who don’t spend enough time with Jesus can easily find themselves becoming disjointed and that empty feeling will start to emerge.

Only Jesus can fill that void in your heart. He takes all the parts of your life that seem to be lacking-the fun, the exciting, the mundane, the troublesome, the confusing-and works them together into a beautiful purpose and story.

'Dear heavenly father, help me to walk hand in hand each and every day with You, guide me to reach out and advice the loved ones around us who are searching to fill that empty hole in their lives. Amen'

James Kirk



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