Thanatophobia (The fear of death) - February 2019


I’m pretty sure that each and everyone one of us has a phobia of something. Until recent years I struggled with Spiders and suffered from arachnophobia. However, when I let God into my life I then had the ability to look at things through a different lens.

All fears and phobias have a raw connection with death, they make us instantly anxious and panic as though something serious is going to happen. But actually if you take a step back and analyses the situation, nothing remotely like that ever happens.

Take Spiders for instance, what did I actually think a 2 inch insect was actually going to do to me as it ran across the living room floor, minding his own business? Okay so in the outback of Australia as we know there are some spiders that can give you a nasty bite, which can be life threatening, but through research there has only been 1 person in the last 40 years to be killed by a spider, so the odds are pretty slim.

I guess this is easy for me to think this way now I have Jesus, because for me to worship the Lord correctly I must trust that he has my back in all these situations and if I react differently and return to my anxious ways then my faith in his protection is weak and a good wake up call that I need to reach out to Him and spend more time in prayer to regain that focus.

I have someone very close to me who is suffering from hypochondria, which is the excessive worry about having a serious illness or thinking that every pain they have is going to kill them, which is something he has suffered from intermittently for most his life. I have been working a lot recently on trying to guide faith into his life so he can be set free of this constant worry. If you are reading this, can I ask for you to spare a brief moment to join me in prayer and to help him to find God. Thank you

'Dear heavenly father, I pray that I stand strong in you as you do in me. Help and guide me to fear nothing in this world other than my constant respect for you. Help me never to fear death and constantly work on my attitude that I am ready to die whenever you need me to. I ask these prayers in the name of your son Jesus Christ, who died for me. Amen'

James Kirk



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